Pricing & Packages

Pricing & Packages


$650 for non-clients, $400 if I am shooting your wedding. If you have an engagement shoot then book me for your wedding, the extra $250 goes towards your wedding deposit.

$400 - $650


Will you help me with my timeline?

The scheduling nerd in me actually LOVES helping with timelines. I think when you haven't been married before it helps to have someone guide you in terms of how long things usually take. I then love to advise you how you can use your time wisely to get the most "you" out of the day possible. I don't generally do a full timeline for you until you're booked in but happy to have a chat about rough timings prior to booking.

How do I get my photos?

You will receive your photos via an on-line gallery. You can share this link with your guests. They are also able to purchase prints from the gallery which will be sent straight to them!

Do I get anything else other than the on-line gallery. It seems a bit sad to only get a link?

Well yes, I'm so glad you asked.
I love a package in the mail. So I send you out a package of goodness. With a few prints and some secret goodies to make the start to your new life a bit extra special.

How about your packaging. Is it environmentally friendly?

Yes! I have tried very hard to use Australian based companies with an environmental ethos. These materials are either recycled, recyclable, biodegradable. A few of the things in the package are things I do hope you will keep forever. More environmental announcements coming soon.

Do you travel for shoots?

Yes!! I love travelling and am happy to go anywhere there is something wonderful to capture.

When can I expect to receive my photos?

You will receive your photos in 8-12 weeks depending on how busy the season is.

How many photos will I receive?

I usually say that you will receive approx 75 images per hour. Sometimes there are quite a few more and sometimes pretty well spot on. It just really depends what is happening on the day. If you want more information on this please let me know.

Do you do Elopements?

Absolutely!! I try not to book elopements on a Saturday in peak wedding season as I usually will be booked with full day weddings at this time. But I love a weekday or Sunday elopement!

How do I book in with you?

If you are ready to jump in and book then please go to the contact page