“Family is not an important thing. It’s everything.”

Michael J. Fox

Creating memories for families is one of my great joys.

My photos aren't about capturing the 'perfect' in your family, but rather, I find the imperfect to be much more important. It's those funny little habits your children have, like licking their lips and leaving that red mark around their mouth, or sucking on their fingers or a thumb, or just not letting go of mummy, who is the flavour of the month or having that special toy be their everything.

The homes your children are brought up in and such an important part of their childhood which is why I adore in home shoots. I feel like children have such an affinity with their homes and a beautiful sense of peace and self comes with that. The mood is very different to a shoot where you are on an adventure in a new or even a well loved location. Let them bring me all their toys and show me their space and be excited about having a new person to accomodate. Then let them snuggle and be with you, in just the way that you are with each other.

What pure joy to witness the beautiful connections between family members and capture it for you to look back on and feel those warm fuzzies. I do think the value of family photography grows so much over time. Time flies too fast and we miss so much along the way. I would love to slow you down for a few hours and capture you, just as you are.

Special Offer - August /September 2021


There are three very easy packages to choose from.

I have included the shoot price and a mix of digital files and tangible goods for you.

It is my absolute desire that you walk away from your shoot with something that you can look at and love, so I have added prints, framed prints and an album as pieces that I hope you will cherish. I also know how much people love a digital file, so I have added those in there for you to.

If you have any questions, please, just ask.



  • Photo shoot - around an hour in length.
  • Access to my family guide with information and advice
  • 2 0 6x4 lustre prints and their digital files


Your choice of one of these three framed print options:

  • + ONE 60 x90cm self matted box framed print
  • or
  • + TWO 12 x18inch self matted box framed prints
  • or
  • +THREE 8x12inch self matted box framed prints

= $1250


+++++ ALL digital high resolution files can be added to the package for an extra $450. A full set of digital files is normally valued at $1600!!



  • Photo shoot - around an hour in length.
  • Access to my family guide with information and advice
  • Digital files of all images in the album.
  • Album personally designed by me


  • 6x8inch Photographic Album
  • 30 spreads thick paper OR 45 spreads thin paper
  • Linen or photographic cover material (leather is an extra $100)

= $1250

(Valued over $2500)


  • Photo shoot - around an hour in length.
  • Access to my family guide with information and advice
  • All images as 6x4 lustre prints
  • All high resolution digital files

= $1250

(Valued well over $2500)


These shoots must be held at your home and on a weekday during the months of August or September. They can be at any time of the day but we will look at what time is the best light in your house and discuss. A date must be made with me upon booking and a non-refundable booking fee of $250 must be paid to secure your date and booking.

If you're keen to lock in a date with me and what I think are fabulous prices and packages then please just go to the contact me button below and we can start the process of getting you booked in.