My blog isn't going to be a clean, perfect mix of the most instagram worthy photos. It's going to be a messy, busy reflection of your day in it's fullness. Nothing is perfect and nor is a wedding day. There is so much beauty in imperfection and the things that don't go as you planned. You have to ride the wave and I will ride it with you. The same can be said for a family shoot. The things that go " wrong" can make the most beautiful memories and spark that joy that is what a family session is all about.

Some of the photos I enjoy, you might not. Simply because I look at emotion, not the smile crinkles (by the way I adore smile crinkles!!), or the way you are posing for your best angle. To me these aren't the best photos. The ones I love are full of love, or warmth, of tears of joy and sometimes tears of sadness. The raw feelings of a wedding day or family shoot can be immense and if I can capture those for you, then for me, I've done my job. I'm happy that you will look back on this day, in many years time, and the essence of how loved you felt and how much you loved will be there right with you.