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If you have a general enquiry, please contact me below. Thank you.

Business Hours

Please note, this little business is just me. I also have a family of three kids a husband, a cat and a very sooky dog. So please note hours will change as needed to balance my life and health.

Shoots are slotted in whenever I can, to best suit your needs,

As a general rule these are how my days roll:

MONDAYS: Catch up on emails, work related jobs, meetings and editing. I normally start late and work late on a Monday.

TUESDAYS: Editing and more editing.

WEDNESDAYS: NOT in the office. Today is a Life day/ cleaning/shopping - all the things I need to do to keep my family life running smoothly.

THURSDAYS: Shoots, editing, emails.

FRIDAYS: Accounts, editing and organising for weekend weddings and shoots.

SATURDAYS: Shoots or weddings.

SUNDAY: Day Off.

General work hours - 9am - 3pm

Email me any time at I will reply as soon as possible. Please note this can sometimes take a few days. I often will not check emails over a weekend and will reply on Monday if you have sent an email on a Friday or after. Thanks for your understanding.

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