Congratulations! You just got engaged and you are so excited, as you should be, what a bloody wonderful time in your lives. ENJOY IT.

My most valuable (and probably the most cliched) advice I can give to you if to be true to your heart, your ideas and your values. You will come across some hurdles and no doubt a bit of stress during the planning (weddings can be a lot!). Sit with each other and work out the most important things to you on this journey and for the wedding day itself. Sure, you might have to give a bit here or there but really embrace those things that you won't compromise on and go with it, Stay focussed on each other, working through all of this is like life, do it together and it will become easier.

The second thing is, ask for help. You don't need to do it all. Delegate and get help where you can. You have amazing friends and family to help but also you have your vendors. Which brings me to my next point - you want to choose vendors that can offer you help and advice (that you've asked for). You want to know that your vendors have got your back and most importantly, that you can work well together and can build a rapport that is going to serve you and your day.

I've been doing weddings for a long time (12 YEARS!) and it's so wonderful to be one of the people that my couples come to to say " Hey Mel, we can't figure this out, please help us!", we sit, we talk, we brainstorm and we work it out. I have a huge amount of experience and I have much advice re how your day can run in a way that gets you everything you want. I've worked in all sorts of conditions, worked with brides that don't want to go out in the rain or wind but then have them say " thankyou so much, I can't believe you actually were able to take photos like these", calmed grooms who are on the verge of hyperventilating before their brides walked down the aisle, fixed shoes, been your carry person, manage family tensions - all of those things and much (much) more.

I just want you to know that if you choose me, I've got your back.


Everything I love about weddings comes from genuine-ness and real connection. My favourite moments are always candid. The images I choose to deliver to you are chosen because they make me feel something. I figure if they can evoke emotion in me, then to you, they will be infinitely more valuable.

I prefer to shoot in a way that lets me be a fly on the wall. I am a people watcher and having a camera in hand lets me put a bit of a weird talent to good use. I am also particularly intuitive and pretty good at pre-empting moments and capturing them as they evolve. Having done this job for so many years, I often know what will happen before you do.

I feel bridal party photos should be done with a sense of fun and joy and best done with food and a wine basket for you all to devour as we shoot. I am not someone that wants to take you away for three hours of photos, most of my couples prefer to spend quality time with the friends and family that they have invited. I encourage you to do this and enjoy your day whilst I take candids of you and your guests, I love these photos and my couples do too. Having said this I I do love to take the two of you away at sunset for a few snuggly images and allow some time for you to take a breath and breathe in the fact that you actually just got married. This doesn't have to be a long time but this is the only time of the day that it's just the two of you (and me), so soaking that up for even ten minutes is pretty nice.

Whilst I might direct you to some extent to stand in certain light or look in a certain direction, I always want it to be you. To embrace the way you would normally grab each other when you come together, or the way you look at each other from across the room or when you sit on a bench on a glorious day and just are - together. That's how I want you to be with me. To create memories of you that are truly you. I will always want to bring it back to being real, so the more trust you give me, the more realness comes out.

I would love to help guide you to your perfect day and make some images of the beautiful randomness that is a wedding filled with all the things you love.




Good Stuff to know

(also known as trouble-shooting and the importance of good communication)

I believe that good wedding photographers consider themselves artists. The images you see on the website or social media of a photographer is a representation of their art.

The way all photographers present their work to you is what they want you to see. If you like it, that's awesome, but if you don't quite love the edit, then maybe look at the next photographer, but make sure you've seen enough of their work to make a good decision about this, ask to see a full wedding or two. Because there is nothing more like a stab in the heart than having someone book you and then tell you they want you to edit or shoot like this other person that they like.

It doesn't work that way.

If you want really posed structured photos but the photographer you have chosen shoots in mostly a candid way, there might be a bit of a mismatch. The opposite is also true. If you love light bright images but the photographer you have chosen shows a lot of darker, moodier images in their work, here too lies another mismatch.

Please make sure you know what you're booking. I'm not saying this from only my own experience, it's the story of photographers and couples everywhere. Make sure you know what you like and indeed what the photographers work is like. Really get to know that person's work, ask to view a full wedding, or two, or three, in order to see a whole day (if they won't show you one alarm bells should ring), as what you'll get is likely to be similar in many ways. All photographers should be an open book with regards to what you receive, not just in your package, but what exactly they shoot.

After seeing lots of their work, If you're not sure why that wedding is lighter and that one darker - just ask. If you're not sure why those people got those kind of photos and these ones didn't - please ask. There are many reasons that weddings are shot differently; times, light, seasons, couple preferences. It all makes your day unique. Communication is key. If you like a particular look that's on there let them know. They might explain to you that that kind of sunny beautiful day is what we all with for, but if you get married on a day where it's raining and dull, your images will not look like that and chat to you how various scenarios might change the way your photos look. It's so important to have an open voice with your photographer so that any misunderstandings or preconceptions can be cleared up before your day. Trouble shooting and clear talking is the key!

If there is anything you have questions about - please just ask.


My priority when shooting is to capture moments. I look at a wedding as telling a story from start to finish, whatever times or instances these are. It's about setting a scene and going from there. I LOVE candid moments, that's no secret. I also love guest photos, and gosh especially congratulations and those moments after a wedding, you can feel all the love.

I really pride myself on my ability to be that fly on the wall. I shoot when something catches my eye and I know it's going to be something special. I will tell you that I am not the really loud photographer that will slam shots with you on the D floor (I'm a lightweight and you won't get any value out of me if I do shots!) but I think most of my couples would say I'm a positive (have even been called a "hype girl" ha ha) calming presence who helps not only manage your day, but also really wants you to love your day. I talk through every choice we have during the day, so even though we've chatted about it all beforehand we can make decisions regarding your photos based on how you feel in the moment. I am all about making it work the best for you

When it comes to editing I like to make the day feel as true to life as it was. All my weddings start with the same base edit. I might manipulate the white balance a little to go with what I feel works, so some might be a bit more golden because that's how the day was, some not so much. If it's rainy and dark, your images will reflect this. In light and super bright situations I really love to play with shadows and working this to our advantage. I am not scared of shadows, I bloody love them. As I'm not someone that's always looking for soft light when the sun is out lots of my images can be a contrasty but I like to make them also feel soft, and I'm not afraid of a bit of grain. As I love film, I love to throw a bit of that grit into digital images. Even some of the sharpest ones will have a bit of grain thrown in.

When editing black and whites, sometimes I might give you a few versions of the same photo edited differently, usually one with a bit more grit (if it fits) and another perhaps smoother. If I can't decide, you get them both.

I'm not afraid of experimenting. but as I said, sometimes I might go a bit off the beaten track, but always give you a safe option just in case. I once read that if at least a few people don't like or understand your work, you're not trying hard enough.

If you see something in my work that you love then please get in touch. If you want to chat about how things work, different scenarios or just to touch base to see whether we might be a good fit please contact me. I'd love to speak with you and hear your ideas and vision for your day.


























Do you always shoot the weddings yourself?

A. The quick answer is yes! I take pride in shooting and being a part of your wedding and am not into hiring other photographers to work for me however if in the instance that I am sick I would absolutely hire a trusted photographer to shoot in my stead.

What if you're sick?

A. I have now only once been sick for a wedding, in all the ten years of shooting I think that's pretty good odds that I will be there. In the instance that I couldn't be there I would hire another trusted photographer to shoot your wedding for me and I would edit it.

Can you hold the date for me?

A. Sorry, the only way to lock in your date is to pay your non refundable booking fee.

Can we send you a shot list?

A. If you'd like to send me some ideas from my work that you like then pop them through, however working off of a shot list isn't generally how I work. Because my images have a candid nature to them it's super difficult to replicate them. I prefer to shoot your day as it unfolds and create your own unique moments that turn into magical memories.

How long does it take to get our photos delivered?

A. At the moment the wait times are about 12 weeks, however I will only be doing a limited number of weddings in 2024 a such the wait times should be more like 4-6 weeks.

What if we're getting married abroad?

A. I'm totally up for it! Depending on where it is and how desperate I am to shoot there I might be able to offer you a great deal! Hit me up becuase I love to travel.

Do you have a recommended videographer?

A. Yes, I have lots! There are some amazingly talented people in our little city. When we have a chat I would love to talk about what you're after and match you up with one that I think would be a great fit. You can also go to my recommended vendors page.

There are a million FAQ I could put here but no-one needs to read through all that. If you have a particular question just get in touch.