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Above image of my family (when we were all a lot younger) by Two Little Birdies Photography

So this me is me, totally reluctant to be in front of the camera, but happy to skulk behind foliage, or whatever it takes to get photos of you. I learnt to turn my hobby of people watching and pre-empting outbursts of emotion into a photography business. I love watching the goings-on at your wedding, or your family in the mess of life and capturing it in a way that you feel something when you see the images.

I was a nurse for many years and travelled to the UK for 4 of those. I spent a fabulous time having Oxford, then London, as my base and travelling as much a I could. During this time my love photography grew and when I finally returned home I began studying at the CCP in Adelaide when digital cameras were mostly a thing of the future. I spent many a long day and dark evening in a dark room, processing film and making prints. It was a time I absolutely loved. Long story short, a man, a wedding and three kids later, I decided to have a change and give up nursing to embrace my love of photography and become a full time photographer. It was also an excuse to feed my addiction to expensive cameras and lenses.

Now here I am, many, many years later and I still get that utter thrill when two souls get hitched. That feeling of real love is heartwarming and just so over whelming. I quite often shed a sneaky tear or two be hind my camera, god, vows and speeches do it to me every time!!! I have 'pivoted' (gotta love a covid term) more recently, and have begun photographing families again. I just adore it. I have also found a real sense of peace and artful expression in exploring the relationship between mother and child. It warms the cockles.

I have much to say about both weddings and families but this might take a while, so just know that I love shooting them both. At the heart of my photography is warmth and connection, that's all I aim for. To make you feel. That's my greatest wish, that one day you'll look back of some of the memories I made for you and you'll smile or shed a tear, just like I would have when I made the images for you.

Love to chat more. xx



Amy and Josh

Oh my goodness, thank you soooo much for the photos! They are SO stunning and we are so happy!
Those dance floor shots are so great!!
And the portraits! Love them!
I'm struggling to choose my favourites haha, so many beautiful moments captured!Can't thank you enough for being apart of our day!! So, so special!

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