Family shoot guide

Family shoot guide

Capturing Memories

Capturing Memories

Family shoots have now become such a large part of my work and I have fallen back desperately in love with them.

It fills my heart and the far reaches of my soul, when couples reach out to me and ask me to make memories of their growing families.

That's some good endorphins right there.

So thankyou for putting your trust in me, please know it means so much. Read on for some more info on how to make the most of your family session with me. xx

Lets talk about lighting.

I am a lover of sunset. I adore the light play of shadows and sun and will use whatever available light I have to create artful, considered portraits. The light I use may stray a little further from soft family portrait lighting that you may see used by many other photographers so I want to give you a heads up before the day, so that you know exactly what I am looking for and how I shoot.

So as a photographer that considers light one of my most beautiful tools I want to play in it and see what comes. If we have a shoot in that hour or so before sunset the light will change dramatically during that time. We might have lovely soft light, followed by that real orange glow of last light and then falling back to softness. I aim to utilise all these variances of light and different spaces we can shoot it in within the area. It's valuable and worthwhile for me to explore these stages of light and transition in mood, perhaps from playfulness in full sun, to a softer, calmer feeling of love and cuddles as light falls behind the horizon.

Sunrise light is equally as beautiful. It's just the reverse of sunset right? You have that beautiful soft glow of light rising and maybe some sleeping kids and a cuddle in a blanket and then as the sun rises, so does their mood and their energy levels. You won't get that warm golden glow at sunrise, but you do get a sense of softness and calmness that always feels different to the end of day. Whether you choose sunset or sunrise will depend on your family. Make the most of what you've got in terms of family schedules and energy levels. Do what feels right for your family.

LIGHT IS NEVER THE SAME FOR EVERY SHOOT so you need to be open to what comes. A cloud filled day can be just as magnetic as a photograph full of golden light. It's actually easier to work in and will create softer looking images. A little sprinkle of rain can be fun and playful too, so don't let that deter you from having a soot in the rain. There are so many ways to make all the light work. If you have any concerns about lighting for your shoot please just ask.

Lets talk about what to wear

Let's not be shy here, clothing is really important, We pick our clothes each day based on our mood, how we want to feel and the activity that we are doing. Choosing clothing for a shoot should be no different.

First and foremost here I say PLEASE BE YOURSELVES. The whimsical floaty linen dresses that are the flavour of the day are pretty darn lovely to look at but they are not something that everyone would wear in everyday life. If you wouldn't wear it 'normally' or wouldn't wear it again do not buy it for your shoot just because everyone else seems to be doing it. PLEASE WEAR SOMETHING THAT MAKES YOU FEEL GOOD. I want the clothing you wear to be a reflection of who you are as individuals and as a family unit.

Having said all that, there are some pointers in how to get your outfits to being out the best in each other and the location that you are in.

I think the best way to move forward on outfit choices is to first pick the person who is going to be the most picky about their outfit, or has found something fabulous to wear. In all honestly, this is usually you mum, so go with it. Or quite often you will have a kids outfit that you love and have to have them wear, so base your choices around that. I'm super aware of looking cheesy and very matchy matchy. I personally don't advocate for that at all. I think the most important thing when moving from one piece, outwards to outfits for the whole family is picking complimentary colours and patterns. And beautiful, beautiful textures.

Too many patterns can create havoc with the eye. PLEASE DON'T WEAR THIN STRIPES (LIKE A MAN'S BUSINESS SHIRT STRIPE) they can flare terribly on camera depending on lighting, so I always think it's best just to steer clear of those. While we are on what not to wear, black from head to toe is not my favourite for family shoots. It obviously can be quite dark and draws the eye straight to it. So instead of wearing something fully black, break it up a little. This little family above has dad wearing dark jeans, but have matched it with a light shirt with then matches in with mum's clothing choice and little Darcy ties it all together with his very clever choice of jumper. I say lay them all out on the bed and see how you go, mix and match and swap til you feel like it's you.

So things to think about are: TONES - earthly tones work well in natural landscapes.

: TEXTURES - a mix of textures, like linen, denim, wool

: COLOUR - if you love it, wear it. : )

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