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When you're planning your wedding, you want people in your corner who think the same. Who will follow your lead and make you feel like it's your day. I don't believe in vendors telling you what to do. Instead I believe in offering guidance and help when you ask for it.

Your wedding is not my styled shoot,

it is not for my portfolio.

It is for you.

The memories are yours and they should feel true to you both.

You need to choose a photographer that will listen to your ideas and who shares your vision.

Some of us are more on the documentary side and others are much more structured. .

Make sure you ask questions and know which yours is. It doesn't matter which - you just have to make suretheir style aligns with yours.

So for the purposes of getting to know each other a little better and making sure that we are a good fit, please fill in the form below.

Don't be shy - ask me anything.

Please note, the phone number is not to spam or call you. Sometimes things go to spam (quite a lot actually), so I will send you a text when I have send my reply, just so you know that I haven't ghosted you!

Tell me everything, how you met, what you do for work, and how you are as a couple and anything else you want to share with me.

What's the 'vibe' for the day?

Is it very relaxed and candid, or do you want real structure. How do you feel about being photographed?