So let me first tell you a bit about me and how I this will come together.

18th September 2023

First of all, thanks so much for contacting me regarding birth photography. It has been a long time coming for me. It is something I have wanted to do for many years, but did not have the space to commit due to weddings. When I did have the time and space, covid interfered and I wasn't allowed into the hospital to shoot either birth that I was booked to photograph. But here I am now, with the freedom to choose this area of photography because I believe in it so much. I am so eager to be a part of this experience and capture it for as many people that I can. It's an emotional ride and one I know I can capture with peace, sincerity and an artful perspective.

I have photographed two births now, one was a ceasarian section for a gay couple with a

I have been working as professional photographer for over 12 years. I have shot hundreds of weddings and many, many families. I'm experienced in working in different lights and situations. After working in weddings for many, many years, I am used to going with the flow. I have a very emotional soul and have a knack of being able to pre-empt situations and read people to capture emotion and relationships. My bread and butter over the past 12 years has been exactly that, looking for emotion and finding it. There is nothing like the power and strength of giving birth and I really believe that this is something I'm just going to utterly fall in love. I honestly think it's just such a miracle and I can't wait to watch it all unfold with my camera.

I also have the advantage of being a mum. I have naturally birthed 3 children of my own with a midwife and my husband by my side. I've been there. I understand, So the first step is to chat via zoom or over the phone or meet up, to chat about how I can help make this experience the best one for you.

In terms of the way I would shoot. I am a very quiet presence and would like to be very much an observer in your room and during the experience. At the same time, I'm happy to feed you ice chips and rub your back if you need. I want to be your support in whatever way you need. My aim is to make sure all the stages are photographed in a very quiet calm way, in a real and emotive way and whatever else you need above and beyond that, I happy to help.

I understand that working on the timings of when I begin cover might take a bit of working out. I expect though that it will rely heavily on your midwives, or whoever is your support when labour begins. If it's a c section, then obviously all the guess work is taken out of the equation and planning is made much simpler. We can never know when a baby is going to introduce themselves to the world, but with some lovely and well versed experienced people to help guide us, I hope that I can share the before, during and after, of this amazing experience with you.

Take a little look at the gallery and see if you think this style of photography is what you're after. I would also love to get the before, the back rubbing, the trip to hospital can be a part of it too if timing works. For home births, we can have other children in these photographs sharing the experience with you. Again, each birth experience would be individual and I'd love to chat about what you need.


  • I will be on call from 37 weeks. This means I will have myself and my camera ready and charged at all times from the 37th week of your pregnancy until your baby is born.
  • I will be with you during the active part of your labour, during the birth and to capture the first few hours after your child is born
  • A handful of images for you within 48 hours of payment of your full invoice.
  • Gallery delivery within 2 weeks. You will receive an on-line gallery of high resolution files which are downloadable. It will also be connected to a print shop if you choose to utilise it.
  • The number of images I am unsure about as yet, but I expect there to be at least 150-200 images (but knowing me, perhaps quite a lot more. This will also be dependent on whether this is a natural birth or a c-section.)
  • You will also receive 30 6x7 prints in a bespoke Mel Boulden Box. (I love a little something for your hands to hold)

  • There will also be an option to add an album to your package.
  • There will also be an option to add maternity and newborn (one or both) to your birth photography. I'm still finalising packages for these so if you're keen please reach out to chat.

$1000 as an introductory price * Please see notes below.

$2000 when full pricing begins.

*There is a wide price range amongst birth photographers but I am basing my price on photographers whose work I believe is similar to mine. I am also taking into account my level of experience as a professional photographer.

My price will be $2000 for the above package BUT for the first birth I won't be charging as I get a feel for the birth experience. For births booked in for October, November, January, Feb I will be happy to shoot for $1000, while I find my feet with this style of photography. From March the prices will rise to the full package price.

** There will likely be a further discount for a c-section (please ask about this) or potentially in lieu of a discount I will add a newborn session within 7 -10 days of birth. I'm happy to chat about this.

I will hope to shoot one birth a month unless there is a c-section that can be easily slotted in to the timeframe.

This is fresh for me, so I am going with my heart and what I believe is the best way forward in this area of photography. I will be taking a deposit of $500 for each birth to be on call and ready to go or to be booked in for the c-section. Once your baby is born I will pop through an invoice for the remainder of the payment. Please note, no photos will be edited or show to you until the payment is paid and cleared. Thanks for your understanding.

If I miss the birth for any reason (which I am hoping will only happen if your baby arrives super quickly!) we can make the session a fresh 48 session or we can hold off for a newborn session when you're ready and adjust the price accordingly. Again, I'm super happy to work through all this with the first few births so we are both happy with the final result. I will be working on a more solid plan for this situation in the coming weeks.

Please get in touch if you have any questions.

I really hope you'll reach out so we can have a good chat and get to know each other. I would absolutely love to share the birth experience with you, it's simple the most wonderful thing.