September 26, 2021

Taryn, Greg, Augie and Loki


I adore being part of the world of a couple on their wedding day and I am literally filled with so much warmth when I get to capture the families that they make. It's a whole other level of love, commitment and life.

This story is of little baby August and his nature loving, warm, beautiful parents and his big brother (dog) Loki. I enjoyed shooting them in their garden, as it felt like home, it felt like them. And that warm glow on Augie and Taryn as she breast fed reminded me of the feeling I had after having my first child, all warm and euphoric and made me feel that everything was a miracle.

Every home is different and every story is told from a different perspective. I just hope to be able to capture some essence of that love that you all have for each other so that when you look back you can not only see it but feel it.

Enjoy. x