My wedding packages are quite specifically bespoke.

I only shoot a limited number of weddings per year.

As such each couple is able to have more of my attention and guidance through the process

and will now receive their images much sooner than previously. Something I am very happy about.

If you would like to have me shoot your wedding day please get in touch sooner rather than later, to avoid disappointment.



Cover from 2 hours and up.

I usually offer Elopements on weekdays as my minimum Saturday package is 6 hours. BUT if you REALLY want to get married on a Saturday and you REALLY don't need 6 hours and you would REALLY like me to shoot it for you please get in touch, my arm is quite easily twisted.

I'd love to shoot more elopements so please reach out to chat.

PRICES START AT = $1600 for 2 hours cover.







Half Day Cover

Minimum Booking for a Saturday is 6 hours

The half day package gets you the solid stuff, the ceremony, family photos, some bridal party pics (if you have one) and some shots of the two of you.

Hours can be added on to make a bespoke package for you.

Reach out to chat.

PRICES START AT $3600 for 6 hours of cover



The Full Day

10 hours and above

Ten hours gets you a pretty full story of your wedding day.

From the prep to the reception, it's all in there and easily captured in ten hours.

If you do want longer, until the sparklers burn out and sweaty, tired but happy bodies are piling up on the dance floor, there is an option to add another hour or two to your package.

PRICES START AT $5200 for ten hours

Extra hours

  • Up to 12 - hours are $300 per hour.
  • After 12 hours prices rise to $600/hr





Because I love film so much, I include up to 3 rolls of film in your package.

I'm trying to find a good balance of film versus digital on a wedding day and I'm shooting more with each wedding (and interested couple).

If you are interested in having me shoot more film on your wedding day please let me know and we can discuss how we can make this work.

Extra rolls of film are charged at $100 per roll .

This covers purchase price, developing and scanning costs.



If you're having any extra bits and pieces on your day, like extra little ceremonies or travelling larger distances you may want extra long cover. If you do go beyond 12 hours my rates go to $600 per hour.


Prices will start at around $1500 for a 12x12 album.



Whether it be short cover for a wedding ceremony and a few pics after, or complete day coverage until the sparklers burn out, you will receive all of the inclusions below.


+ A complimentary initial meeting or phone chat prior to booking.

I think it's important to be able to connect with each other and make sure we are on the same page when it comes to your wedding, so I'm super happy to chat if you're keen, but equally if you want to go ahead and book without a chat, you're welcome to do that too.

+ Liason and assistance regarding your timeline.

I LOVE to help with timelines and I love to make them yours. So many wedding blogs, advice in all shapes and forms comes your way after you get engaged. BUT the only people you have to think about are you and what you want. Sometimes you can't figure out how to cram in everything you want your day to be. Sometimes you don't even know half the things you should think about.

After booking I love to have a chat about your timeline. It's important for you to know how long things take so that basically if you know the rules, you know how much you can bend them. I'm all for bending the rules and doing things your way, so if you have any questions about how you can make things work. It's also super important for me to check in with you about the timeline along the way as things can go awry. I want you to know that if you have questions, I'm here. I really love helping with timelines!!

+Trusted vendor referrals

Having been in the industry for over a decade I've had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know many wonderful and talented people. Once I hear your story and understand the vibe you're after I love to do a little matchmaking to put you in touch with some of those amazing folks who I know will ft your brief. This extends from food to flowers, music to makeup, celebrants to cakes, amazing venues and many more.

+ Access to my wedding guide which will assist you in your wedding planning.

This wedding guide is still having a few new touches put to it, but it goes through all the things we talk about over your wedding journey. It's a great resource to look at to help you check the boxes for your day and offers you a few good ideas you may not have thought of.

+ Location scouting at your venue prior to the wedding

I Usually don't bother with this if I have been to the venue before but if I haven't it's always great to get a lay of the land and see how things sit. I never set anything in stone in my mind from that visit because one day can be so different to the next, lighting changes and the whole area looks different, so I love to be flexible on the day with where I shoot and where the light falls. The light is always my guide.

+ In person catch up before the day to finalise details

It's absolutely so important to catch up before the day to meet again, reacquaint ourselves with each other and chat. Not only to go over all the details and make sure all the t's are crossed and the i's are dotted but to just get that sense of familiarity with each other happening again so on your day it feels like we're old friends.

+Photographic coverage by me

+Images that are hand selected and edited by me

(Please note: there are no circumstances where you will receive the raw files)

+ A full set of downloadable and shareable images in an on-line gallery

The number of images will vary depending on the amount of time included in your package.

As a guide you will receive roughly 70-75 images per hour of coverage.

+ Access to my print shop through your gallery

I'm working on this at the moment and I'm so excited to get it all finalised!

+ A package of goodies after your wedding in a bespoke MBP box

It's important to me that you not only get your digital gallery, but also something that you can hold in your hands. I'm updating my fabulous MBP box and with it the goodies that you'll find inside. There will be some prints in there but also some lovely little goodies to say thank you for choosing me to share your day with you. All environmentally friendly and local.

Not only does the cost cover the above but a percentage of it goes towards covering business running costs such as:

  • My time for communication, emails and chats.
  • Time spent editing
  • Camera gear
  • Camera maintenance
  • SD / CF /XQD cards
  • Computer maintenance
  • Hard drives / photo storage
  • Adobe (editing management) software
  • Accounting software
  • Client management software
  • Website and gallery management subscriptions
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Insurance on equipment
  • Transport costs to and from the wedding
  • Parking
  • Home studio costs such as electricity / phone/ internet.
  • packaging

and Me - my experience and attention to detail is if I do say so myself, pretty damn good, I really work hard for you to make sure you get the most of the hours you have me for. I work exceptionally hard on making your images look exactly how I want them to be and I work really hard to make sure you have the best view of you wedding day possible through my eyes.

Any questions, please get in touch.