Studio Sessions

25th May

9:00am - 1:00pm

The Upstairs Studio

Gunson Street City, ADELAIDE

About the sessions

  • Sessions will run between 9:00am and 1:00pm
  • Sessions will be 25 minutes in length.
  • The sessions will be strict with timing. There will only be a 5 minute gap in between sessions. If you are late, this will eat into your session time and the time will not be recoverable.
  • Suitable for Mothers with babies, maternity images or multigenerational portraits.
  • Maximum 4 people

The Cost:

  • The Session Fee is $95
  • Packages will be super simple you can choose either:
  • 8 images for $250 OR the full gallery (roughly 30 images) for $395 (all images will be high resolution).

How Does it work:

  • Fill out the form via the link below. This will ask you to pop in your first, second and third time choices. I will of course endeavour to pop you in for your first choice always.
  • Once the form is filled in I will send you an invoice for the session fee. This MUST be paid in order to secure your spot. If not paid, your session is not secured.
  • You will be emailed once your invoice has been paid to confirm the time, date and details of your session.
  • About a week after the session you will be emailed your gallery. This gallery will be watermarked for you to either choose your 8 favourite images or to select the whole gallery. Once you have chosen your images, you will be invoiced for your package and once paid the choices will be delivered to you as high resolution images via the gallery.
  • You are able to print from the downloads but there will also be the option of ordering prints for the aligned print store which is attached to your gallery.



Please see details below to make the most of your session.


The Sessions will be held in THE UPSTAIRS STUDIO at the rear of THE MILL.

The Studio is accessed via Gunson Street. There is parking available on Gunson street there or there is plenty of parking available on Angus Street.

Please check parking signs on the street for information regarding charges.


PLEASE NOTE, the door that accesses the studio vis Gunson Street is locked at all times. It is not to be propped open.

When you arrive, please TEXT ME on 0418806534 and PLEASE do NOT ring the doorbell. This sound does not go to the studio, but into the front office that will either not be manned, or will bother the artists that are working there, so it is appreciated if you could just contact me.

Studio sessions will be pretty strict with timing. So if you are running late, I'm sorry but it will eat into your session. However due to a couple of gaps I have been able to extend the sessions to 30 minutes and now have a ten minute gap between sessions. This makes it a little more relaxed and a bit easier for me to be able to help you in and out.

PLEASE NOTE there are steep stairs leading into the studio, I will absolutely help you in and out with your bags so you can take care of your children.

If you need to bring a pram, please do so but know it will be left downstairs. This will be locked off from the road, so no-one will be able to access the area, but please make sure you take your valuables upstairs with us just in case.

There is a toilet downstairs.

There is a change room upstairs in the studio in case you wish to have an outfit change.

I appreciate the need to sometimes have food and drinks for children but it would be appreciated that you only bring things that are easily cleaned if they spill, such as water or snacks that are easy to pick up off the floor.

There is NO heating in the studio and I imagine it might get a bit chilly, so make sure you have a rug for the bubbas.


The clothing part is totally your call. The room will be clean and clear of distractions. With either a black or white backdrop.

Neutrals always look classic and timeless, or perhaps black if you want a more sophisticated look. Knits and pants can offer a more relaxed winter look , dresses can be either relaxed or quite stylish. A pants suit can be something quite versatile. Colours are much more vibrant and can be more of a feature with such subtle surrounds than neutrals, but neutrals are always in style. I urge you to think about who you are, but most of all what you feel really good in. Whether this makes you feel relaxed and happy or really stylish and confident. Embrace who you are. I'm happy for you to bring a couple of different outfits if you would like.


You will receive your gallery of images within a week or two of the shoot.

The galleries will be watermarked so that you can make your selections, or choose the whole gallery. The images will then be uploaded as high resolution files and you can download them from the gallery. There is also a print shop attached to the gallery is you wish to order anything, but you are absolutely able to print from the downloaded files.


If you have any questions please contact me via

Thanks so much and I look forward to seeing you all on Saturday. x