a mother hood shoot

Veronica and Evelyn

For this beautiful session with Veronica and Evelyn, we did a half RAW/skin shoot and the other half was as below. Making memories outdoors.

For many reasons, most of which are obvious re the never ending footprint of the internet, the RAW side of our shoot is going to remain off line. Of course I would love to show you these images as (well I don't mind if my ego sounds bloated here) they they are so beautiful. But there is plenty of that in other galleries on my site for you to see. So here, let's focus on play, on curation and making images that have been thought about and designed.

For this particular shoot the last image in the gallery was the one I had in mind prior to shooting. So I orchestrated a very planned white sheet washing day look and to my absolute delight Veronica pulled out this vintage chair in which we shot my favourite images of the day. Some days, it just works. This one image I just truly adore, especially since this chair means a lot to the family. That's kinda the icing on top.

Planned shoots, with mood boards and a head full of ideas, are something I love to do for a motherhood or pregnancy shoot. These small numbers of people are much easier to design for than the chaos of a family shoot. I actually love the chaos of a family shoot. But for quiet images like these you can take time, make time and replan and adjust and develop your ideas further.

If there is an idea you have and would love to collaborate with me on your motherhood shoot, please get in touch. I would love to work with you. x